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Veg Manchurian : starter recipe

 Veg Manchurian Recipe


Description about Veg Manchurian:

Welcome back again friends with a new testy, yummy and delicious recipe, namely is Veg Manchurian. The Veg Manchurian is belongs to list of snacks and also Veg Manchurian comes into top 5 of the snacks list. The name of the Veg Manchurian makes juices flowing in mouth.


It is a tempting appetizer prepared by sautéing vegetable balls in soy, tomato and chili sauces. The Veg Manchurian is same like as Chinese Manchurian which you can cook at your home but it not easy. So guys today we are going to learn about Veg Manchurian, let's strat....

Required Item to prepare Veg Manchurian:

1.    For Spicy and testy Sauté:

        (a)    2 normal chopped Onion

        (b)    1 cup chopped Green Capsicum

        (c)    1 tablespoon chopped Ginger

        (d)    4 Green Chilies, slit and cut in halves

        (e)    1 tablespoon chopped Garlic


        (f)    4 tablespoons chopped Spring Onion

       (g)    4 tablespoons Cooking Oil

       (h)    2 tablespoons Soy Sauce

       (i)    1 tablespoon Chili Sauce

       (j)    4 tablespoons Tomato Ketchup

2.    For Delicious Manchurian Balls:

       (a)    1 cup Maida

       (b)    4 tablespoons Corn flour

       (c)    1/2 cup grated Carrot

       (d)    1/2 cup grated Cabbage

       (e)    1 cup chopped Capsicum


       (f)    6 tablespoons chopped Spring Onion

       (g)    4 chopped Green Chilies

       (h)    2 teaspoon Cooking Oil

       (i)    Salt according to test

       (j)    1/2 teaspoon black Pepper Powder


Time taken to prepare Veg Manchurian:

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 30 minutes

Procedure to prepare Veg Manchurian:

First of all collect all the items into a size bowl (size as per your requirements), now add grated carrot, grated cabbage, chopped capsicum, chopped green chili and spring onion followed by 1 teaspoon oil, black pepper powder, maida, corn flour and salt into the bowl. 

Now mix properly all ingredients in a manner. After mixing prepare small round balls from the mixture. But remember one thing do not add water into the mixture while making balls, water released by vegetables that's will be enough to bind them. Now put cooking oil in a fry pan and give heat.


After oil is heated up enough to deep fry, add and deep fry raw balls on medium flame until the color of the balls turns into golden brown. After frying drain oil from cooked balls and transfer the balls into plate.


Directions for Sauté:

Heat 4 tablespoons oil in a kadahi or as your suitable on high flame. After oil getting hot add chopped onion, chopped capsicum, green chili, chopped ginger and chopped garlic and sauté for 4-5 minutes or until they become slightly tender. 


Now add some soy sauce, tomato sauce, chili sauce and salt according to test and mix them properly. Now add fried Manchurian balls and also Green onion. Toss and cook on high flame for 2-3 minutes. Finally the Veg Manchurian is ready to serve.

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