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Sweet Lassi : Summer Healthy Drink

Sweet Lassi

Description of Sweet Lassi:

Guys when we heard about Lassi then we think about Punjab and Sardar-ji.  Yes because this is the Punjabi drink and it is a best cold drink for summer for reducing the hot effects of summer season. This is a best beverage at North India which is easily available at every sweet shop. Normally peoples consumed lassi after taking meals or at afternoon for getting cool from hot season. But at present in the market their are many flavor of lassi available like strawberry lassi, rose lassi, mango lassi, plain lassi, etc. but the universal flavor is sweet and salty lassi. Now we are going to know about the making of sweet lassi, so lets start.......... 



First of all, you have to whisk yogurt until smooth and then add sugar sweetness and also mix cardamom for nice flavor. At the end, water or milk is added to dilute it a little bit as per the preference. Yogurt is the main ingredient in lassi and so the whole taste depends on it. Use the homemade curd made from full fat milk, and make sure that it doesn’t taste sour to make the perfect lassi. Follow the below given recipe to making it.




Required Items for Sweet Lassi:

1.    4 cups Plain Yogurt (1 ltr)

2.    5 tablespoons Sugar

3.    1/2 teaspoon Cardamom Powder

4.    1 cup Water or Milk

5.    1 tablespoon chopped Mixed nuts, for garnishing



Procedure to Prepare Sweet Lassi:

Take 4 cups  yogurt in a deep pot. Now we have to be used the homemade curd in this recipe. Add 5 tablespoons sugar and 1/2 teaspoon cardamom powder. Whisk it using a hand blender until smooth. Add 1 cup water or milk. Whisk again for 5 minutes or until a nice foaming layer on top and sugar dissolves completely. Sweet Lassi is ready for serving. Pour into four individual serving glasses and garnish with chopped mixed nuts. 

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