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Sour Sweet Lassi

Sour Sweet Lassi

Description of Sour Sweet Lassi:

Sour Sweet Lassi is a delicious cold drink which control on effect of the hot weather and also helps to feel like relax. This Sour Sweet Lassi prepared by few items and the important thing is yogurt. For prepare this delicious lassi make a mixture of yogurt, roasted cumin, salt, sugar and water thenafter according to you you have to mix some mint leaves and also testy species. By following this recipes you have to make some other flavors like mango lassi, strawberry lassi and normal lassi.


Time to Prepare : 

10 minutes to 15 minutes.

Quantity : 

4 Glass.

Required items:

4 Cups normal yogurt (1 ltr)

1 spoon roasted cumin

4 Spoon Sugar

1 Cup water

Salt according to test.


Have to take 1 ltr yogurt into a bowl, now mix 1 spoon roasted cumin into the yogurt. Now mix 4 spoon sugar and salt according to the test. Now mix 1 cup water and grind it smoothly by the help of grinder till becoming foam layer onto the yogurt mixture. Now serve it into 4 different glass and also serve some mint leaves on it. And important think is that you could make it colorful by mixing different type of colors.


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