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Cuba Libre Cocktail Recipe

Cuba Libre Cocktail Recipe


Description about Cuba Libre Cocktail Recipe:

The Cuba Libre Cocktail is an instant and easy to make Cocktail. Cuba Libre Cocktail is an old and classic Cuban cocktail which is the mixture of rum (white or black), cola, lime and ice. 


This Cuba Libre Cocktail defiantly makes party is joyful. So guys for making your party joyful we are going to learn how to make Cuba Libre Cocktail, let's start....


Required Items for making Cuba Libre Cocktail:

1.    1 lime
2.    100ml rum (white or black rum)
3.    200ml cola
4.    Ice


Time taken to making Cuba Libre Cocktail:

1.    Total time for making it - 10 minutes

Serving quantity:

1.    2 serving


Procedure for making Cuba Libre Cocktail:

First of all cut 1 lime into four small wedges. After cutting lemons squeeze the juice from four of the wedges into 2 tall glasses. Now drop the remaining wedges into the both glasses and fill with ice. After filling with the ice pour rum into the both glasses in equal quantity. 


After pouring rum now fill up the both glasses with cola and stir gently in a manner. Now the Cuba Libre Cocktail is ready to serve. 

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