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Clementine Martini Cocktail Recipe


Description about Clementine Martini Cocktail Recipe:

The Clementine Martini Cocktail is another one best cocktail for summer season. The Clementine Martini Cocktail is sparkling cocktail is one to serve at any kind of celebration and also while we have cocktail party. The Clementine Martini Cocktail is going to be first choice of all because of its flavor and its test. 


For making Clementine Martini Cocktail we have use clementine juice with vodka, orange liqueur or orange extractor, champagne and fizz. So guys today we are going to learn about how to make Clementine Martini Cocktail, let's start.....


Required items for making Clementine Martini Cocktail:

1.    Juice of 12 clementine's and 2 clementine for serving

2.    200ml vodka


3.    200ml any orange flavor liquor or you can use Cointreau

4.    2 bottle prosecco , Champagne, well chilled

Time taken for making Clementine Martini Cocktail:

1.    Preparing time - 10 minutes

2.    Making Time - 5 minutes


Serving quantity:

1.    4 servings


Procedure for making Clementine Martini Cocktail:

First of all put some Martini glasses into the freezer and mix the clementine juice, vodka and Cointreau in a jug, after mixing all these things put into the freeze for making chill for 2 hrs if you don't have much time, otherwise you can put it into the freeze for 1 day also. Before serving thinly slice the 4 clementine to use for garnishing. 


Now its time to serve Clementine Martini Cocktail. While serving Clementine Martini Cocktail, put 2 clementine slice into each frosty glass afterthat fill almost halfway with the chilled jug mixture and then top up the glass with the fizz.

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